Be a member of the Cyberlaw Association and Join the movement of “I endore Cyberlaw”. There are different categories of membership, all free, no charge or hidden expenses whatsoever.

  • The Cyberlaw Experts and Consultants:- Those who practice Cyberlaws and give counsultation on Cyberlaw.
  • Legal fraternity in cyberspace:- All lawyers, attornies, advocates, barristers, solicitors 
    who are cyberspace savvy and who have a presence, in one form or the other on the 
  •  Cybercitizens:- All persons using the Internet and net citizens who want and are all for the development of legal mechanisms in cyberspace.
  • Corporate Members:- All corporate entities who are committed to the growth of Cyberlaw in cyberspace.
  • Orgnisation, Universities, Associations and other representative bodies:-
     All Organisations, Universities, International Bodies, Associations, Government bodies, representative bodies discussion groups, pressure groups and other groups who affirm their faith in the need to have in place strong legal mechanisms (cyberlaws) in effective adminitration and management of cyberspace.
  • URLs, Websites, Webpages and Search Engines:- All URLs,Websites, Webpages, 
    Search Engines and other legal entities on the Internet who commit themselves to the cause of growth of Cyberlaws in cyberspace.